Stock Clerk Ariana Cox Checks Out for Porn!

Ever wonder what happens to tall girls who don’t go into modeling? Sometimes, they become stock clerks. That’s our conclusion after speaking with Ariana Cox. The 5-foot-9 newcomer has been stocking shelves on the midnight shift at a grocery store!

But, now, Ariana is leaving that noise behind like a forgotten can of SPAM in the back of the highest shelf  at the store! She’s using those long legs of hers to climb up the porn ladder for a career she hopes will bring travel, adventure, and reward.

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Aaliyah Hadid Talks Pimps, Sugar Daddies, & Nauseating Anal!

Aaliyah Hadid is as sexy as she is forthcoming. The  21-year-old newcomer doesn’t pull any punches, opting instead for honest and direct communication. She’s candid about her life choices, pointing out she’s made mistakes – some of which included bad sugar daddies and crazy pimps!

We spoke to Aaliyah about her wild life and what she expects from taking on a career in porn. She did her first anal in January, for example,  but wants to get to a point where she “actually likes it.” She colorfully describes the experience as nauseating because it’s like “feeling your shit going back in… repeatedly!”

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